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I am attorney Anna Aleksander. Most severe injuries can result from a motorcylce accident. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident you need a lawyer on your side right away. I will help you file your claim and pursue your case from the begining to the end.

An Injury can have devestating consequences . . .

 to your health and financial situation. You may be out of work and have hospital  and doctor bills piling up. While you are recovering the insurance companies investigate the circumstances of your wreck. While you are suffering, the, insurance companies may be planning their defense and thinking about how  not to pay your claim for what its actually worth. That's why you need legal representation and fast.

While you heal; Accident Investigation

First question: Is there coverage?

You should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Louisville.

If yes then what's next?

You have to fight for what you get. If you don't you may end up setteling for the bare minimum dollar value of your claim. The insurance companies want to get rid of your claim for as little as possible, but you know you deserve more than just a nuisance value or a please go away value. While you heal the insurance companies will aggressively work against you. As such you need an attorney to agresively work for you.

Accident Investigation:

It is imperative and crucial to maintain contact with any of the eye-witnesses when the facts are disputed.  Shortly after a wreck, a statement of any eye witnesses should be obtained in the event that it is needed later for trial.

Any pain and suffering that is documented in a diary or on video should be preserved for later use at trial.

What to expect from the time you retain me through settlement negotiations

 Right away you will see medical bills piling up and incesant calls from collection agencies will come shortly after. When a client comes into my office and I am retained, this is what happens:

1. Claim is set up

2. Medical providers and collection agencies are notified that your claim is in progress and that they should back off.

3.  I obtain your medical records and bills. 

4. I draft a demand letter to the insurance company asking them to settle and or pay your bills.

5. I ask them to settle for the sum your claim is worse. If they don't, I advise them that my clients always have the avenue of pursuing a bad faith claim.

5. If unable to settle out of court or at mediation within a short time of seding my demand, then a lawsuit is filed in court.

If you don't win, I don't win.

I am an agressive attorney.  Having dealt with insurance companies before, I know the game they like to play and whatever their game may be I like to win it for you and fast.

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How quickly will I get my settlement money?

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